Hi, my name is Sydnee, you can call me Sydmo. I’m human, or what I like to refer to as: a student in this journey we call life. I currently live in Boise, Idaho and wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to explore my backyard any day of the week or make my way downtown (walking fast faces pass and I’m home bound) for a taste of the city life.

I have a passion for just about everything but what really makes me tick is the fresh mountain air, sitting at home losing track of time working on another design or project, or sharing cheesy ass inspirational quotes on Instagram (life reserves the right to throw any and all shit at you, so I come back with cheesy ass quotes that might bring a smile to your face or make you giggle at the least) because if it helps me find balance and continue to do what I love, I’m going to do it and well, nowadays, you might as well share that shit.

So here I am typing away in hopes of creating stuff n’ things that motivates me to be the best me, but just might also inspire you to do the same. Because whatever it is, if it brings you joy, makes the time fly by or your soul ache for more, why wouldn’t you do more of it?

Call me Sydmo because were already friends, let’s join together and create lives worth living.


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