If you haven’t already, you need to start thinking in terms of why.

What’s your why?

Why do you do what you do?

I ponder this question daily and even wonder why I’m here, in a good sense though. I wonder what it is that I bring to the world that no else does, because you are you and that is your power. I am me, that is my power. As alike that we are, none of us are the same. Our experiences alone make us unique. I enjoy questions that make you think, such as:

What are you bringing to the world?

What are you giving the world?

Why do you get up in the mornings?

You are made up of experiences that designed you to be beautifully unique, simply by being YOU. It’s amazing.

How can you use your experiences and make a difference?

Maybe even make the world a better place?

How can you impact the community in which is your niche?

What kind of legacy are you going to leave?

These are some of the thoughts and questions that I continuously discuss with myself. Challenging questions are answered by successful individuals, in life or in their career. There are a variety of questions that may or may not work for you.

The idea is get you thinking and focused on a personal purpose. Reason to get out of bed or why others should listen to you or your story, buy your products, etc. My purpose for asking myself these questions is based upon the fact that I aspire to continue learning, growing and discovering who I am in hopes of leaving this world a little better than I found it. Everything begins and ends with us. I have faith that if you start asking yourself challenging questions, like the ones above, you will start seeing yourself on a path towards a more fulfilled life.

You might recognize the beauty within that you can share with the world.

There’s a TED Talk I’m going to include below that summarizes what it means to ask yourself WHY? How successful businesses and leaders have continued to ask themselves what or how instead of why. By having a cause or belief, you can create results for yourself or organization by simply having a purpose.



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